Monday, June 27, 2011

'Disturbed' A Novel by Kevin O'Brien--Book Review

Molly Dennehy is a new bride and she has a secret; and so, it seems, do the old neighbors that came attached to her new husband and his two kids.  But then, don't we all have a few secrets?  Perhaps, but hers and theirs are becoming dangerous, in fact downright deadly and unlikely coincidences are piling up faster than the brutally murdered bodies.

Kevin O'Brien's latest NY Times bestseller, 'Disturbed', will have veteran thriller readers assuring themselves they have the who-dunnit figured out by the half way point.  You will be wrong, happily.  Completely wrong.

All the major players have their own motives, means and opportunities--but just when you think you know who the culprit is--the character just might get bumped off!

A merciless serial killer is haunting the cul-de-sacs of the metropolitan Seattle area, and local readers will enjoy the area tour as he weaves his web of deception and duplicity.

A misunderstanding at a school leaves a family shattered.  Unwanted shadows from the past haunt the present, and, of course, there is an ex-wife and her neighborhood gal-pals with which to contend.

O Brien plaits an intricate plot that will keep you guessing, literally to the last page, in this knuckle-biting, page turning, twisted, psychological killer-thriller.

If well crafted downright scary murder thrillers are part of your reading game, then Kevin O'Brien is a name that should be a regular on your reading list.

Paperback, widely available.  Support a local independent bookseller, help keep them in business!

Pinnacle (Kensington Press)
ISBN-13: 978-07680-2137-6         or
ISBN-10: 0-7860-2137-3

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