Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Sun Never Sets

I was standing on gravel beach by Hale Passage yesterday afternoon having some photos taken for use in a publicity campaign.  It was uncommonly warm for February 2, around 52 degrees.  The water was still and the sun shone brightly through partly cloudy skies.  Looming darkly in the background was Lummi Island.   Even a few friendly dogs, hoping to be in the picture, or more likely, hoping I would throw their sodden stick for them until darkness set it, came by to say hello.  My multi-talented friend Jeffrey B. Stiglitz was behind the camera.  My job was to try to make a good face for radio seem to be a good face for a book jacket too.  Needless to say I had lots of time on my hands.

With that time I reflected on my friends and acquaintances, on their many talents and how far flung they are worldwide.  Among this group are attorneys and car salesmen, real estate agents and photographers, ministers of the gospel and internet gurus.  I number among my friends physicians, printers, social workers, retailers, wholesalers and chefs.  I rub elbows from time to time with artists, film makers, movie stars and gardeners.  I know jewelry makers and jewelry sellers, writers, publishers, editors, agents and interior designers.  I count as dear friends cops (and probably a robber or two) and fly fishers.  I could go on, but you get the point.

Many of these people volunteer for and donate to multiple charities.  They think pink for breast cancer, donate for earthquake relief in Haiti--or go there by their own means to lend a hand.  They collect warm coats for the homeless in the winter and help abused children and women and do a thousand other things of which I'm not even aware.  And yet, with all that happening, from around the globe and across the street they still manage to visit my blog when I post something new.  They take a moment to send me an encouraging email while becoming fans of my Facebook page (!/pages/R-L-Paces-Rising-Son-Trilogy-Island-Dawn-Book-One/259112635667?ref=ts).  They ask when my book 'Island Dawn' is due out (summer 2010) and how they can get it. 

A few have taken the time to labor through early manuscripts and make cogent suggestions on how to improve the work.  Now, publishing contract in hand, I stand here on a beach on a mild winter day having pictures taken.  One of these photos will end up on the dust cover of my book.  I'm having a little contest on Facebook to have fans choose which one they like the best.  If you would like to vote, click on the link above and by all means do so.

The point of all this is how amazed I am by my friends.  And how appreciative I am that they care about me as much as I care about them. Scattered around the world in Great Britain, Malta, Hawaii, Japan, Austria, Vietnam, New Zealand, India and beyond are the brightest, most industrious people in their fields.  Winners of Oscars and Pulitzer Prizes and Humanitarian Awards find the time to say hello.

I'll steal a phrase from the nineteenth century and observe that the sun never sets on the talented circle of friends and aquaintances I have around the world.

That is something about which I am truly grateful.  Thanks and love to you all.